"Wow, human. You have gotten much farther than I anticipated. I'm actually rather surprised. However, we both knew this day would come. I've let you walk around unguarded, but now I must complete my duty. I almost feel sorry for you, human. Well, now we must duel. En Garde!"
— Papyrus, before his fight

Papyrus is the general of the Royal army, the elite force protecting the capital and the last, and most dangerous defense against humans. He has a high position, only only topped by the king and queen themselves. He has all authority from snowdin to part way into waterfall, and controls all actions at the blizzard compound. He routinely checks up on the Royal guard protecting snowdin to make sure they are in good shape.While Sans is guiding you through snowdin, you can see many of his traps, which are far smarter than in Undertale, and a real threat. When he is on duty though, he will actively try to stop you, and will not hesitate to kill you, should the need arise.



Papyrus's overall height and body shape is very similar to that of Undertale. In terms of clothing, he wears a white and silver suit of armor, laced with golden lining. He has a large red cape which falls at around knee height, as well as large silver gauntlets with red gloves. He also has tall red boots, with golden plating around the rim. Finally, a large scar adorns his face, crossing through his left eye. During battle he wields a long silver sword, and he has his power eye activated, an ability similar to Sans from Undertale. During this time his cape is also billowing from the wind, due to where he is fought. During his genocide fight, his armor is damaged in places, and his skull is cracked. His clothes like his boots and scarf. also have feature many rips and tears, as well as a dented sword. His eyes have small, white pupils and he loses his smile completely.


Papyrus, because of his Royal position, is more serious than his Undertale counterpart, and less naive. He takes his job very seriously, and although he secretly feels bad about the things he has to do, he will still complete his duties to the best of his ability. However, when not in the presence of authority, he can still be goofy like regular Papyrus, and during his date, will act more or less the same. He is smarter than his Undertale counterpart, and is shown to be clever on several occasions to get out of trouble.



Papyrus's relationship with Sans is very similar to how it is in the original Undertale. The only real difference being that Papyrus, unlike Undertale, does not rely on Sans to pay all of the bills and pay for the house.


Undyne is Papyrus's best friend. She gives Papyrus fighting an cooking lessons, much like in Undertale, though this time she legitimately fights him and has let him into the Royal army. Though he sometimes finds it hard to tell if Undyne is angry at him, he still knows enough about her to turn experiences with her in the protagonists favor.

The protagonist

Papyrus initially tries to capture, and eventually kill the player through a complex series of puzzles and traps. When the protagonist eventually befriends him, he deeply cares about them and will put himself in harms way to protect them. The protagonist remains friends with him throughout the game and can call him at any time. During the genocide route he recognizes you as a threat and will try to the very end to kill you.


Papyrus's relationship with Toriel is similar to Sans and Toriel in Undertale, with a few key differences. Although he does make puns and jokes with her, they also talk more about themselves and their lives. Also, due to his position, he wasn't able to accept Toriel's promise to save the humans. However, though this does bother Both of them, Toriel is less affected than her Undertale counterpart would have been because of her past.

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