Papyrus is the younger brother of Sans and a secondary character in Underpants.



True Ending

After Toriel saves you from Asgore, he introduces himself as WALUIGI!!!! And brings you your friends. He then says that a "tiny flower" helped him call everybody, like in regular Undertale.

Genocide Ending (SPARE)

In The Genocide Ending, is a bit story where Sans dunked Frisk. So here in the video: Sans has been slap by Froggit, Whimsum, So Sorry, etc. then Papyrus came and he said "WHAT A SHAME, SANS." and Sans said "but Papyrus you are dead!" And Sans scream.

Genocide Ending

In the Genocide Ending, Frisk Mentions Sans' "Good Brother WALUIGI!", followed by Sans becoming Wario.


  • Underpants : True ending is not the first appearance of waluigi on sr pelo's channel. The first time waluigi appeared on Sr pelo's channel was Super Waa Hoo. However this waluigi is called WAH WAH HEEEEEEEEEE.
    • WAH WAH HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE has alos been in Waa Hoo bros 2, Waa Hoo bros 3 and Super Waa Hoo world.
    • Regular waluigi has also appeared on the channel. He has been in the video " EVERY F#CKING HOT DAY " where waluigi says " excepting boobies? Too bad! Waluigi time ". After he says that he clones himself into 3 copies and dances for 2 minutes while waluigi pinball from Mario kart DS plays.


Waa Haa Hee
It's a me, Waa Haa HEE!!!!!

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