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Papyrus, also known as Chaser!Papyrus or wise pap, he is a mechanic in UNDERCHASER universe.



Wears a bluemine trench coat, with chathams blue frills. The coat has cream can stripes on the zipper line and a fluffy trim that is albescent white. His boots are desert color and he uses some gallery colored baggy pants. 

He carries around a desert colored hip bag where he keeps some of his tools. He wears glasses.

In case of Sans death he will get purple marks on his face meaning that he is the oldest of the family.


Chaser!Papyrus used to keep Chaser!Sans in check, usually keeping him busy with plans to steal valuable items from the less honest monsters of the underground.

Forced to be more mature than his brother due to his fathers death, he saw the path Sans was taking and decided to aid him instead of letting him die in a bad heist. He is nearsighted usually loses his glasses on obvious places.

He is hard working and diligent of his duties, he loves his brother, curry and studying. He also hates his brother(?) and criminals.


Papyrus uses missile guided bones to attack his opponents. He is able to create machines with random trash he finds on waterfall. Seems to have big knowledge of the things outside of the underground.

In Battle:


Guided mode

He uses bone projectiles, guided like missiles towards his opponent and randomly throws his opponent a bell if his brother provided him with some.

Controlled mode

He will control the direction of the walls to make his attack patterns be harder to identify, little robots will walk by the field of battle.



Papyrus is the younger brother of sans, he cares deeply for him and worked hard to become a good asset to his team. He hates the flirty attitude of Sans and was trying to put a stop to that. Papyrus losing his memory of Sans after the world erasure ended up feeling that there was always something missing on his life. Seeing Sans again only annoyed him due to his persistent nature.


Grillby usually informs Papyrus of good stealing opportunities, he took pity of Sans and Papyrus after finding them stealing.



  • Papyrus usually keeps Sans nearby unless it is for a heist.
  • He likes to collect trash having a rival on the waterfall that he fights for junk sometimes.
  • Papyrus usually does live testing of his machines on Sans.

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