NOTE: Some people separate the first swapfell with the one listed below. This AU , when separated from the other, is FELLSWAP. The page for the original is currently being made.

Papyrus is a skeleton who is pushed around by his older (albeit significantly smaller) brother Sans, to the point of being forced to call him "lord".


His appearance ranges from the artist that's drawing him. A repetitive feature is a golden tooth, similar to Red's.

One design choice, he wears an orange long sleeved turtleneck sweater, a black jacket, black pants and orange sneakers.


He is similar to Stretch, being lazy and punny, but he doesn't talk as much, as he is hurt physically by his brother if he says something at the wrong time. He smokes, and likes crack cocaine and hot sauce, and is sometimes shown to like barbeque sauce. Assuming he's like Red, he hates being caught laughing [ Since his brother is always serious, if his being caught laughing, he would torture, or hit him. ], and he is sometimes kinky.

He acts kind of reserved, and is overprotective of his brother but only behind his bros back. he acts about as mature as a 21 year old.

Powers and Abilities

Papyrus is Somewhat more powerful than his Underswap counterpart. He can manipulate sharp bones and telekinetically move a living soul at ease. He can also manipulate Gaster Blasters. He also can recall the times that Chara resets and saves.

In battle

In the True Pacifist timeline, Papyrus keeps an eye on Chara. He hates how Chara keeps being nice and waits at the Judgement Hall. This fight is similar to the boss fight in Underswap, only more brutal, harder and deadlier. Papyrus gets tired much faster in his fight as a result of using more powerful attacks. Once Chara manages to "reform" Papyrus, he seemingly refuses to fight anymore.


He will put on everybody from backstreet boys and the other papyrus and sans will dance but the music will stop after sans yell at him and chase him.

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