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Papyrus is a character in the Solartale AU that serves as the primary antagonist, especially in a Pacifist Route.


Papyrus in Solartale is pretty much Flowey. His personality is exactly the same as Undertale Flowey. Just keeping it short and simple.


It isn't completely known what papyrus looks like in Solartale. Since he is not seen up until the very end of a Pacifist or neutral run, the only sprite known is his God Sprite. That sprite is not here yet. (Take this out when someone adds the Information thing)


As said above, Papyrus is not seen up until the end of a Pacifist or Neutral Run. After a fight with Asgore, if Asgore is spared, Papyrus will literally punch Asgore's head off after Asgore's monolouge ends. Thus starts the final boss of a Pacifist or neutral run. It is unveiled that he has stolen the six souls, but also somehow gotten a seventh soul. After this, Papyrus will absorb the seven souls as well as Asgore's soul and become a God-Like being. In battle, Papyrus is the equivelant of a genocide Sans. He apparently has 1,600 Attack and Defence, but in reality, he only has 99 Attack and -7 defence. Once his HP is at 0, he will regain all of his health, and proceed to kill the player 20 times. Afterwards, the 8 souls he absorbed will tear him apart in front of you and he will then explode. You cannot see anything for the next 2 minutes, but this conversation passes;



"Did you just try to kill Frisk?"


"You killed Asgore and tried to kill frisk, didn't you?"


  • footsteps*





The player then wakes up to see Sans standing over Papyrus, but Papyrus has had his arms, legs, and head ripped off. (It's said that Sans beat Papyrus to death with Papyrus' limbs" Followed by Asriel Reborn appearing. Afterwards, The Player and Asriel Reborn destroy the barrier and all monsters are freed.

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