HAR HAR HAR IT IS I THE FANTASTIC FAXPYRUS -faxpyrus when u meet him

Faxs Replaces Papyrus in shiptale


Faxpyrus Has a Scarf That Changes Colors Depends what he is feelings

  • Dark Blue = Happy
  • Light Blue = Sad
  • RED = MAD
  • Green = Sick
  • Yellow = Stressed


Not Much Is Known About Faxpyrus But KK Tells It All At true Pacifist Route He Said That He Was A Experiment Made by Fusionx963 (AKA Gaster) Before He Passed Away So KK Has To Take Care of Faxspyrus Like A Brother


Like I said He Has a scarf that changes colors Depends on he feelings and a red head Orange Gloves Red Boots Orange "Battle Body" Blue pants

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