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Papyrus is a major protagonist in Roguetale. He is the younger brother of Sans.


Papyrus wears a black pullover hoodie instead of a battle body. On the front of his hoodie are the words "Cool Dude" in red and straight line font. On his left shoulder is what looks like a yellow corporal badge. Over his hoodie he wears a grey quiver in which he usually stores his katana in. Unlike Sans, who can summon his sword in from sub-space at will, Papyrus is required to store it on his back in its holster. He also wears grey basketball shorts that bear a pattern of white rectangles that start in a horizontal order. These shorts were inspired by Nike. Papyrus also wears orange sneakers similar to those of Sans', but they have slightly higher ankles. Like Sans, Papyrus also wears a red bandana that covers his mouth. He is also 5 inches taller than the Original Papyrus.


Papyrus is a lot less goofy than the Original Papyrus. He is also much more serious and less merciful, but still remains very kind. He cares deeply for his friends. When he meets Frisk, his first action is to protect her from any monsters. Like Sans, he's worried about losing another person to Asgore's kingdom. Papyrus in this Au makes pizza instead of spaghetti, and he tends to chuckle at Sans' puns instead of become annoyed with them. When he's not in battle, he is much kinder and sweeter. But when he is in battle, he proved to be a fierce, aggressive, merciless, and formiddable opponent, according to Undyne. Like Sans, he is unaffected by resets, and is aware of the multiverse and multiple timelines.


Papyrus can manipulate bones and is very skilled in fighting and dodging. In some ways, Papyrus is a far greater fighter than Sans. Papyrus can also summon Gaster blasters, unlike most Papyruses in other Au's. They are dark grey and bear four orange eyes. They also fire an orange blast of energy. He can also grab one's soul using psychokinesis, and move them around. However, it has no effect on soulless beings such as Terracus.


  • Papyrus is incapable of teleportation, and his bones move slower than Sans'
  • Unlike Sans, he is not completely ruthless when fighting enemies. Occasionally, he will feel slight remorse for them.
  • When in group fights, Papyrus will care more for the safety of Sans, making his attacks not as intense.



Papyrus is the younger brother of Sans. They care deeply for each other, as they fear of losing each other like they lost Arial.


Papyrus deeply cares for Frisk. He also worries greatly for her, and will usually stay near her.


Ink is one of Papyrus' great friends. Ink usually takes him and Sans to look at other au's.


Papyrus has a hatred for Asgore. This is because of his mother's death. However, Asgore does not share the same feelings towards him.


Vincent is Papyrus's creator. He can not always visit him because he is busied with fighting off threats such as Error, Terracus, and Nightmare

Underfell Papyrus

Papyrus has a very strong personal hatred for Underfell Papyrus. In one timeline, Underfell Papyrus was mysteriously brought to Roguetale, and his first instinct was to attack Rogue!Sans. Rogue!Papyrus saw him and shot him with a gaster blaster, and told him to never lay hands on his brother again or he would "grind him to smithereens and smoke his dust".


  • Rogue!Papyrus was created way after Rogue!Sans was.
  • He is only an inch shorter than Fell!Papyrus.
  • He usually makes cheese pizza, but has occasionally made other types.
  • Though he is seen as an excellent cook, he used to have a lot of cooking disasters.
  • Undyne used to be his role-model.

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