Papyrus is a Younger Brother of Negatale Sans.



Papyrus is also color Gray, while his Skeleton Body {The Black one} is Dark Gray, He wears a Blue Scarf that is on Front of his body, He wears his Battle body, but Only Two Palettes. Dark Gray and Light Gray. He also has a Blue Line on his Battle Body. His Gloves are Dark gray, And have Blue lines. His shoes are Light blue, and There are Blue lines, again. His eyes are dark blue with White Pupils.


Papyrus is the Same, But his Personalities is getting a Lil' bit Different, He is very Depressed and Sad, He always wanted to cheer his Brother up by making his Brother teach him Puns, so it would make him Laugh alot. As he made the Only pun: MACARONYEH

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