Horrorswap 2
"How About A Nice Taco To Fill You Up?"-Horrorswap Papyrus


Horror Papyrus Appears In The Au Horrorswap He Has a red eye and half of his skull is broke off no human hasent used mercy in a long time so the monsters have forgotten mercy and went on a massive killing spree on the humans who fall down in the underground.

deep down in papyrus soul there is still bits and pieaces of his old self inside him he still has a love for puns.

He also became somewhat insane if a human gets too close too him he gets out a huge bloody axe and cuts the humans head off.

His Brother Horrorswap Sans Makes A Puzzle For The Human To Make A Trap For Them Sans Gives The Human Ketchup To Drink The Human Drinks But Soons Find Out Theres A Hair In The Ketchup Bottle.


He Cares A Lot About Horrorswap sans and can be dead serious at times when talking about sans.


He Has His Bloody Axe That He Uses If Humans Get Too Close To Him.



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