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Papalgamate is a character from HELP_tale.


Lucky 7 is an IT of several papyrus AU such as Royal Guard Papyrus, Underswap Papyrus, Babybones Papyrus, Cattale Papyrus, Underfell Papyrus, Mafiatale Papyrus, Inverted Fates Papyrus, Storyshift Papyrus, and Outertale Papyrus.

He appears as a heavily damaged Papyrus with what seems to be an eyeball in his chest. He has several arms that can split and merge together, six of them holding his head. The difference here s that a rectangular shaped hole is formed in his face, leaving only his mouth.

In Battle

His attacks mostly consist of lasers and limbs, and can combine together and have different variants. During an attack one or more of the heads can have eyeballs that follow the player's SOUL.

His attacks are:

A head that shoots a laser alternating between white and orange

Several arms that jut out of the bottom of the screen, indicated by particles

His lower-right arm that loops around the screen trying to reach for the player's SOUL

A head with an arm coming out of it that reaches for the player's SOUL (if two of them are active and the arms touch, lights will pop up in the two heads and the attack immediately ends)

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