HEHEHE IT IS I THE COOL FURRYFOX -furryfox when u meet him
FurryFox84 Replace Papyrus in FaxsTale


FurryFox Is A Cool Hyper And (Sometimes) Chill He a Human Hunting Freak

  • He LOVES Puzzles
  • LOVES To capture Humans
  • Yells at Faxs to stop playing GTA V
  • Cool dude


Not Much Is Known about FurryFox But Faxs Tells it all

He Said He was Born By a Experiment From W.D Flamer Before Flamer Passed Away So Faxs Has To take Care Of Him Like A Brother But He Calls Him His BFF


Like Faxs He Has Blue And Orange "Battle Body" BUT Switched Up Colors Blue And Oranges Boots And Gloves


Just Like Faxs He Can Do Blue And Orange Attacks BUT Can control the Attacks Here are his attacks

  1. Classic Blue Attack
  2. Classic Blue Soul Attack
  3. (Sometimes) Classic Orange Attack
  4. Spinning Bones

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