In Fandomswap TheUnderSwapFan355 replaces Papyrus.His nickname is orange.


He is often laid back and sleeping on the job.He does this because he deals with depression.He smokes ALOT however this does not effect his lungs.


He is a tall white human that wears long black pants with blue stripes.He wears a blue jacket while his hood is orange.His sneakers are also orange.

Powers and Weaknesses


His Gaster blasters are now called river blasters.They are dragon shaped skulls.He can also use telekinesis.

His bones are swords


If you tire him out he will fall asleep which gives the player a chance to kill him.


  • He has a close relationship with his brother Mick.
  • He made a promise to JuicyLovesMC to protect any humans that pass by.
  • His favorite sauce is caramel syrup
  • When you eat with him(not in snowdin) he says¨You know what I would have done if I had not made that promise friend buddy pal.You would have been dead where you fell¨
  • If on genocide route he says ¨If you keep on going on the path your going,Your going to have Death filled time¨

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