Is a white human with white hair.He has a scar along his right eye.He wears Black armour that looks like UnderFell Papyrus´ suit.His scarf is Yellow.He has a Katana on his back.His left eye is Red while his right is green.


He is often abusive towards his brother(He does this to protect him).He is quite a jerk to anyone he meats and he hates all monsters.His laugh is¨PRAH HAH HAH.¨

Abilities and Weaknesses

His Katana is always red which kills the player in one hit.He is easily distracted in battle which can give the player an edge.He is currently at LV 50.


  • He is a lot more powerful then his FandomTale counterpart.
  • He loves to work on his death traps
  • He hates how mick is constantly sleeping.But(on very rare occasions)he lets him sleep.

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