Ambiguously Canon Content

* The following article or section has content which has neither been confirmed nor denied as canon by creator.

Error!Papyrus is the brother of Error!Sans. He was hidden among the ‘in-between files’ of the multiverses.


Error!Papyrus isn't ignorant, unlike other Papyruses. He, like the other Errors, gained access to the other worlds and upon seeing that in every single one he sees himself. And always with so many friends and companions. He swears to protect such a wonderful treasure, but also wonders: Where are HIS friends and HIS brother? Why was he alone? So he sets off and begin searching the in between files to find HIS loved ones.

But as a self appointed guardian of the multiverse it doesn’t take him to long to notice a couple of them going haywire or vanishing all together, he watches Underswap mostly due to the attraction he has towards Underswap Papyrus.



Error!Sans has no clue that Error!Paps is alive or dead.


Error!Undyne considers Error!Paps as a friend. Error!Papyrus no longer sees Undyne as a person to look up to.


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