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"I'll fight you 'till the last breath."
– Envy, if Create, Ink and/or Dream are hurt

Envy is a moderator.



He sometimes likes taking naps, but mostly is up and about, looking for adventure. He is Lawful Neutral, unlike Ink, who is Chaotic Neutral, and Create, who is Lawful Evil. He loves puns, puzzles and fries and hates swearing. His favorite drink is Hot Cocoa.


He was born off of what made Ink and Error different, he was made from the friendship they had sprouted before all the AUs came. Because of this, he had no idea if he was good or evil, until he learned it was his choice. After making his decision, he was more on the good guy side.


He has the regular structure of Papyrus, being tall and thin. He wears a light grey T-shirt, denim knee length shorts, black boots and dark grey fingerless gloves. He commonly wears an orange backpack, which is covered with paint stains.



He thinks that Create is kinda cute. He has a remote crush on him, but cannot show it, due to Create being with HT2.


He likes to assist Ink in protecting the AUs. They are close friends.


He often likes to tease Dream, and acts as a big brother to him. They enjoy talking, occasionally.


He has no opinion about S.T, nor is he afraid of him.


He thinks that Swap is more annoying than Blueberry when he's sugar-high. He secretly wishes that she'd get lost in the codes.


He hates True!Swap even more than he hates Swap.


He thinks that S.K is kinda cool.


He hates him, but is not afraid of him.


He is relieved Script exists. He was the only existing/canon Papyrus moderator.


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