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After Dust Sans killed everyone he Reset the timeline hoping to kill everyone again.However his Sanity had also reset.After the reset he was back to himself.But when he reset he remembered that a Disbelief timeline happened before he went insane.Thanks to Papyrus at his lowest in disbelief he gained the ability to remember resets.Papyrus (After the reset) went so insane he decided to make Sans feel the pain he felt by killing everyone in the timeline.Sans later found out Papyrus had killed everyone and confronted him. Papyrus told Sans everything and killed Sans in one attack.This Papyrus now travels across the timelines to gain LOVE to kill any Sans he can.


He has his original battle body but it is entirely grey.His scarf is now purple.His boots are also grey.His skull was horribly damaged when he battled Undyne.He has cracks similar to Gaster.His left eye is a gaping black hole with cracks around it.His right eye is still intact.


He enjoys killing things and shows no mercy to anyone.He HATES everything that is living.When you 1st meet him he will try to kill you.


His bones are purple(Like Dust Sans).But he has Gaster Blasters that shoot black beams of pure hate.


  • Papyrus hates all who he was friends with.
  • He HATES Sans with all his might
  • He once met Error Sans and almost killed him.

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