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"Looking for Dark!Papyrus from enderlord1234? Here's a link:"


In this AU, Papyrus is replacing the recluse (Napstablook in Undertale).


Papyrus but as a ghost. A funny ghost.

In Battle

Summon bones to attack and say bad puns.


  • Friends: Sans
  • Neutral: Everyone else without Charies
  • Hate: Charies


Papyrus is a lone ghost which is wandering through the ruins and dreaming about everything.

Trivia & Quotes


-Help you when you are in the need.


Every Routes:
Hey human! I'm a scary ghost and I will tell you a pun!! That's scary hum? How do you call a ghost who scares chickens?

A poultry-geist!! Hahahh.. hum hum hum

— Papyrus (DarkTale) when you meet him
Genocide Route:
Want to kill me? I'm aldready dead so do your business, hum, ghost hunter?
— Papyrus (DarkTale) before dying

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