Dark Papyrus's backstory is similar to Dark Sans in a way. He does not know of Dark's existence at all.


Dark Papyrus was "killed" by Error, but he had some soul left and held onto it and survived. He was transported to the white void but was far from Dark Sans. He found he could set his LV to infinite levels, so he did. He saw the beauty of aus and decided to protect them with his life. He saw Error Papyrus while protecting Swapfell by an unknown force. After he was successful he decided to stop and chat with him, and they became pals.


He has abilities similar to Dark Sans' as of the plasma beams and the ability to travel to any universe. He can put you in BLACK MODE. He can also summon blue bones to hit you.


Like Dark sans he took MAJOR differences in his appearance. His skull was tainted to a blue color. He has blue based attacks. He has the same color of gloves but has a blue scarf. He also has Blue energy going out which can heal anyone on contact unless he wants it to kill them. His arms are white and his legs and lower spine are the color of vantablack.


Error Error is his worst enemy of all time

Dark Sans Dark is his brother though he isn't aware of his existence at all

Error Papyrus, a fellow au protecter and papyrus they have a faint relationship.


Dark Papyrus's personality is nothing like Dark Sans'. He is very kind and caring. He mostly cares for Error Papyrus because he is like his only friend, and is narcissistic in a way.


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