Etch is the Createtale version of Papyrus. He is similar to Streak.



Createtale Papyrus, or Etch, is very go-with-the-flow. He can get a bit of an attitude. Despite his attitude, he is polite in AUs he’s never seen. He has a liking to dark clothes, showing a very punk-like aspect. He is sometimes immature, and he has a slight crush on Underfell Steph.


He has the regular structure of a Papyrus, being tall and thin. His eye sockets are like Underswap Papyrus’s. His left pupil is red and his right is grey.

He wears a black T-shirt with a blood red melting heart on it, black torn jeans and grey combat boots. To carry his art supplies, he has a red backpack filled with spray paints.

Weapons and Abilities

She has no summoned weapons or abilities, thus he is entirely melee. He often uses knives or swords to fight, and he is incredibly agile.


If he cannot find a weapon, he is completely attackless. He has no attack power without a weapon.



He is a friend to Create. Unlike other AUs, a Sans and a Papyrus are not brothers. He often jokes about Create's feminism.


He hates Destroyer and often tries to kill him. Destroyer is elusive, however.


Etch and Scrap aren't friends or enemies. Scrap doesn't like Etch. At all.


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