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Crazy Nude Artist Papyrus (Or CNAP for short) is the brother of Crazy Nude Artist Sans. He is an actor, director, producer, writer and a sado-masochistic psychopath who enjoys wearing a flesh costume based on the South Park version of the famous actor, director, producer and screenwriter Mel Gibson.


Crazy Nude Artist Papyrus is usually seen wearing a flesh-made costume identical to South Park's variation of Mel Gibson. He is a 5' 9" crudely drawn human with a realistic head. His head has blue eyes, black hair and a dead, soulless look in his eye. He is completely naked (Unfortunately), which shows that he has a lot of chest hair and a... large [DATA REDACTED]. Underneath his suit is a deformed skeleton roughly the same height and with the same hair. His body is deformed with incorrectly sized fingers, ribs, arms, legs and hip bones, creating an awkward appearance that haunts peoples dreams... probably.


CNAP is completely mad, enjoying the pain and suffering of everything and everyone, including himself. He often achieves goals of chaos by deceiving people as the real Mel Gibson from an alternate reality's future gone mad. Ignoring his insanity, he is very creative, using this in the film industry to act, direct, produce and write a successful movie lineup, usually shot-for-shot remakes of movies the real Mel Gibson had some involvement in. He also enjoys other movies, mainly biblical epics, fantasy epics, and psychological thrillers.



He has an, interesting relationship to his brother. He finds CNAS a funny, lovable guy, but hates his guts and wants to see him as a pile of MLG colored dust (If that makes any sense, which it doesn't).

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