Brianne, BelowStory's version of Papyrus. Brianne is a young, cheerful, and a little too hyper kinda girl, Brianne (Bri for Short) lives with her brother in snowdin. Bri loves anime and enjoys to watch it with one of Derrick's friends, Julie. Bri's brother, Derrick, is a lil' over protective to her and oftenly calls her "CinnaBun". Bri loves Mozzarela Sticks instead of Spaghetti, although she does enjoy the smooth and wet, perfectly cooked noodles drizzled with tomato sauce and ground beef. Brianne talks in all caps and uses the "Teko" Font.


Bri has almost all the same relatives as Derrick does, coming from the same family. Derrick is her Brother, Anna is her Mom, Erik is her Dad, Robert and Julie are her friends, and Maria is her Grandmother.


All of Brianne's themes are remixes of Undertale's original themes

Nyah hah hah! (Nyeh heh heh remake)

BoneTrouble (Bonetrousle remake)


Bri wears a Magenta Shirt with a long black sleeve shirt underneath. Bri also wears a long red scarf that will act like a cape and bow, she'll often tie to a bow when she feels like it, Bri wears the same gloves as Papyrus does and wears grey sweats and Hot Pink boots with a wing shape on them. She also has a pony tail using a white band to hold it.


Brianne, like Papyrus, will spare you in disbelief of her Brother telling her that the human "killed everyone". Little did she know that she fu- made a grave mistake. A disbelief is canon is this AU, but will only happen if A genocide run is completed 3 times.

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