She is loud and ambitious. She just wants to join the Royal Guard, but will resort to any means necessary. She is cocky, flamboyant and brash, but kind at heart. She views her brother as useless, but never says so. She has 30% of my personality, so she has a gluttony, lazy and apathetic side to her. She has a temper, and will start yelling and whining.


She has white bones and black hair. Her hair is in a ponytail, and it covers her left eye socket. Her pupils are white. Her head levitates over the rest of her body.

She wears a light grey T-shirt, a blue shirt and red boots, red gloves and a red scarf. During her date, she wears a green tank top. a red skirt and her normal scarf, boots and gloves. After the Alphys date, she is wearing a black tank top which is torn at the bottom, revealing her spinal cord, a blue skirt and her normal boots. Her scarf is around her "waist" after the Alphys date.


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