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This version of Papyrus Is from Alterfell, a mix of Altertale and Underfell where the underground is run by the motto "Kill or Be Killed" and Asgore is swapped with Papyrus. friisans is the creator of Altertale, and, by extension, Alterfell.



Papyrus has jagged teeth and pitch black eye-sockets, with a crack along his right eye. He has a color scheme of red, black, gold, and silver. He wears a red cloak underneath a black one with a silver top and two gold stripes.


All information taken from creator

  • Secretly, Papyrus doesn't actually care about the kingdom or it's monsters.
  • He is only in it for the power.
  • He almost died at the hands of Sans twice.
  • Could easily annihilate him but kinda doesn't want to. this information taken back by creator-
  • Paps isn't strong enough to kill his brother, Sans is much stronger but simply chooses to suppress his true power. This goes for any AlterAU. new information
  • The guillotine is his favorite form of public execution.
  • He probably eats human beings.

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