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PTA Sans is a series of shorts placed where Sans adopted Frisk together with Toriel. Toriel is running the local school and Sans is roped into going to the PTA (Parent Teaching Association) meetings against his will.

About the AU

PTA Sans revolves around Sans (and occasionally other members of the main cast including but not limited to Flowey and Toriel) directly interacting with bigoted human parents. The parents are given stereotypical names for people living in fairly wealthy suburbs though the most common names used are Helen, Linda and Diana. Sans is always in the fight in those three, though he hates with Linda the most. His attacks comprise mostly of sarcastic retorts and burns. The parents are usually seen as being prejudiced against monsters and being unfair to Frisk. Sans backlashes with witty replies, often insulting the disgusting snacks they bring to meetings or their parental skill.