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'The place where death devours. The 'over' island. It's a catastrophic place. No one knows how it's still standing'. OverIsland is set in a mythical place called Tidulidde (Tide-ool-ide), a big island situated in the ocean that consists of waterfalls, farm land, snowy mountains, villages and Savannah.

A route can be taken from Waterfall to get there. About fifty or so skeleton-monster-like creatures live there, each having the unique ability to shape shift into an animal of some sort. Each inhabitant is sorted into one or two ranks. Some of them are born with these ranks or have to achieve them. The ranks are: Helper, Fighter, Secret and Unclassified (apprentices).

Their languages consist of mostly English, Wingdings, Vivian Tidulian and Tidulian (their native language). The island's main language is English and their national animal is a dog. Humans sometimes settle on this island when they get lost. Everyone on the island is friendly (except for Challenge, Eric and Rowan) and will only fight if they feel threatened. The citizens are easily mistook for monsters. The AU is known for it's long and confusing story. The AU consists of many stories from other characters blending into one story. The AU is still on the works and has not yet been created. It's been altered by the creator for months.


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After a long chain of events, winter comes to Tidulidde and a big Christmas party takes place with the main characters returning home from their long trek. The Fresh parasite is killed by a human called Olive. Shiverburg and Tidulidde merge into one country. Eras reunites with Error after many years.


The non-canon, unofficial parents of famous characters like Error (Eric) and Dream and Nightmare (Mellow) are introduced in this AU.


List of Characters in OverIsland

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