hey nice to finally see a human wait YOU have my soul well can I have it I don't think you understand I WAS NOT ASKING YOU . AU not finished

​Please make fan art  :D

brat brother . he is an unknown race most likely demon .


​he is very goofy and almost never acts his age . he can easily can beat any one who bothers him but he's to dumb he breaks anything he see's and destroys the planet for fun . he cry's when he is grounded but then he disobeys the grounding anyway . and has momphobio and is scared of his mom .he lives in china and his or his moms friends the chines family ( Chines mom son baby and dad) the Chines son is his worst enemy when they get in a fight ( witch is when ever they see each other) they destroy the earth, the sun, the solar system and everything


he has a red shirt with a black soul in the middle the soul has red cracks in it, light blue jeans ,dark brown Shoes palish brown skin, his hair covers the top of his eyes,


Ambiguously Canon Content

* The following article or section has content which has neither been confirmed nor denied as canon by creator.

the brat brother once tried to fight  Candy girl and won. he is so quick he almost touched Rhosaith he once got trapped in a pool for 1 year and when they checked the pool again he had grown gills and became a fish. he is the commander of all demons . he has a sickness that made his soul to break into two pieces . he found his first piece and put it in his red glowing triphone for safe keepings. he has telekinesis and when uses it his left eye glows red . he uses his mind to give stuff more def.


The brat brother is afried of moms and grounndings he has a pet cat that he will protect with his life. he is to dumb to know how to acses his powers and his def lowers every now and then he some times gets hurt vary easily and somtimes he forgets how to walk.


the brat brothers backstory is not yet fully known he was acedently made by Gaster,gaster did not know he made the brat brother . now he just wanders Desroying AUs


Create Sans :he usually hates the color pink but create changed his mind . he has a slight crush on create

Blue Barry : blueberry is his friend. Bart brothers blueberry's frenemy.

Nightmare Sans : he is its 3rd favorite

Clich sans: he is its 2nd favorite

Lizze: it has a huge crush on Lizzy but he thinks if anyone knew he would get less respect so he just bullies her and at the night he starts to sob.

Under fell:he loves that AU its his favorite

Error sans :he met error sans while in story swap he was hanging out error came he told the brat brother to leave the brat brother  screamed no punched the ground and made a two inch hole in the ground

Fell swap sans:fell swap sans tried to torture the brat brother .some one walked out with a broken arm

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