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Our!Tale is a self-insert AU of the Our!Tale dev team.

There are also some changes in the genocide timeline.


In this AU all characters are the developers' friends.


Our!Sans (or Enri!Sans) decided to take DT because he knew that the Genocide run will happen one day. When Chara did the genocide run Our!Sans fights her and dies like in the original UT. But thanks to the DT Our!Sans survives and fights Chara in a 2nd phase (Dr.EnriqueX). The end is when Our! destroys the save point of Chara (so she can never return) and Our! gets lonely in the AU (cause everyone died). Later, Our! learned to use the DT to travel to other AUs. He goes to other timelines only to not be lonely or help Ink!.


  • Sans: EnriqueX
  • Papyrus: HyperSonic925
  • Flowey: Jessica
  • Muffet: KittyOK

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