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"That's just it, I love humans. Don't you get that, Frisk?" -Sans
Otakutale is an AU created by 3 people- Diamond, Natalie and Ruri. Otakutale was made to parody cliche high school animes. The monsters all attend a highschool, some of them being teachers or staff. Humans rarely attend this school, however a new human has arrived.

Basic Information

Every monster in OtakuTale takes on a human-like appearance. The monsters all attend Delta Rune High. Humans usually do not go to this school, except for Chara, who is the teacher's daughter. The students all match certain anime cliches, such as Sans being the yandere or Mettaton being the narcissistic popular kid. Monsters usually tend to get excited when a human attends their school. Toriel is a teacher, Asgore is the principle and Grillby is the cafeteria worker.


An example of the monsters appearing Human-Like

All the monsters retain their magic abilities, and Frisk and Chara can still reset.


Otakutale is currently getting a manga style adaptation by Ruri. The general plot of Otakutale revolves around Frisk being a new student at Delta Rune High. Frisk makes many new friends such as Papyrus, Chara, Asriel and Sans. Frisk however finds that one of her friends, Sans is not who they really seem to be. Sans is revealed to be a maniac and murderous stalker, having an unhealthy obsession with Frisk. Frisk has to figure out how to fix everything as students start to mysteriously "vanish"


Otakutale changes the gender of several characters. This is the list of characters and their genders.

Sans- Female

Papyrus- Male

Frisk- Female

Chara- Female

Asriel- Male

Toriel- Female

Asgore- Male

Grillby- Male

Muffet- Female

Temmies- Female

Mettaton- Male

Napstablook- Male

BurgerPants- Male

NiceCream Guy- Male

Alphys- Female

Undyne- Female

Monster Kid- Male

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