Orion the Destroyer is among the top captains of Hell, leader of the Sins of 12, and founder of 6-tale. He is the absolute demon lord of destruction. He was created by fandom user Vincent Endethyst. He is also the nemesis of demon lord Ares, the absolute demon lord of war. In the 6-tale comic, he is one of the major antagonists.

He also speaks with a slight Greek accent.


There is not much known about Orion, other than he graduated from Hell's top college and overthrew Ares, the God of War, and "demoted" him to a demon out of hatred. Later, in 1268 AD, he became responsible for an apocalyptic attack onto humankind in Europe. After the Undertale Multiverse was created, he hacked into the files of the Original Undertale (though later found out to be a copy of it, making Orion's appearance a special event), corrupting it, and implanting himself into it. When Frisk completed a Pacifist Route, she noticed random 6's appearing everywhere. Orion then proceeded to tempt every being there into becoming his demonic soldiers. This converted the AU into Kakotale (Kakos translates to "Evil" in Greek). This AU is NOT the same as 6-tale, as it does not naturally contain characters from different universes.


Entity form

In entity form, Orion looks like a normal wraith, but with glowing red eyes and a bloody smile. He also wears a grey cloak and has no legs.

True Form/Physical form

In his true form, Orion wears very dark grey armor with glowing red details. His face is not shown except for two glowing red eyes. His helmet appears to be a cross between a knight captain's helmet and a spartan soldier's helmet. On his cheek armor and chin armor, there is the number 6 on each piece, spelling (or counting? Idfk!) out 666, the number of the beast. His build is rather slim, but fairly strong. Occasionally, he wears a grey cape with the baphomet pentagram badge on the back.

Alternate Sans Form

He can take the shape of a "Sans". In this form, his pupils are rather large and bright red with blood trailing out of them. His teeth are also red and jagged. His jacket has grey fur on its hood and he wears black jeans and casual red shoes. His arms are much smaller and his legs are notably longer, both proportionate to his body. Due to his lack of proportions, to some he looks rather absurd and/or stupid.


Orion is usually very cold and calculating. Towards his direct subordinates, the Sins of 12, though, he is a little more caring. He is also known to lose his temper when orders are disobeyed. Aside from that, he's a savage, ruthless, and fearless commander. He also cannot feel love, happiness, or sadness, as he has no soul, but he can feel anger, hatred, disgust, etc. but no positive emotions.

As an ultimate force of evil, he is very tyrannical and prominently a megalomaniac. He is rather annoyed that he is not the 1st most wanted individual on Slayer!Sans' and Magic!Sans' list. Because of this, he hates anyone who is ranked higher than him. That's why he overthrew and humiliated demon lord Ares.

He also greatly despises monsters and humans. Towards those whom he considers lesser beings, he is rather aloof.

Powers and Abilities

  • Orion possesses telekinesis, and what he's manipulating becomes outlined in red haze.
  • He can also teleport and warp into different dimensions, universes, and even different timelines.
  • Orion can leech determination, corrupt files, and steal LOVE.
  • Like Omega Flowey, he can load and save files, but can't do it as frequently. This ability only occured when he was exposed to the Undertale multiverse. This also means he can respawn, not quite through determination, but through self-strength.
  • He can also shapeshift into his alternate form: A silhouetted, red-eyed, 9-headed hydra, and functions just like a Greek Hydra that breathes fire.
  • He can create explosions that appear out of nowhere, as a part of being the absolute demon lord of destruction. He is even capable of creating nuclear or hydrogen explosions. As well as doing this, he can summon any type of explosive, ranging from as small of explosions as concussion grenades to as large as AU destroyers.
  • He can rip apart entire multiverses. He did so with the world he came from.
  • He can summon his primary weapon, the Pandæmonian Greatsword of Destruction, This 10 ft long, two-handed greatsword is the second most powerful weapon in the entire kingdom of Hell, after the Blade of Hell itself. On contact, the victim will burst into flames and explode (Yes, explode), and is nigh-impossible to shatter. The blade is black and the fuller glows dark red. The entire blade is surrounded in a bright red haze, which is satanic energy.
  • His favorite ability is to destroy and corrupt AU's. However, he has more difficulty attacking beloved AU's, and he is completely unable to attack the original Undertale universe.
  • He also possesses superhuman strength and capabilities, such as very high jump height, running speed, strength, and perseverance.
  • As the leader of the Sins of 12, he is by far the hardest member to kill, even harder to kill than Terracus or Blasphus.
  • His main attack is to fire red beams from his hands or eyes that vaporize their target on contact.
  • Capable of teleportation, telekinesis, and telepathy.
  • He can also manipulate fire and natural disasters.
  • By using fire, he is capable of flight.
  • He can control gravity as well, from so strong that a dust particle can punch a hole through a person to so weak that even giant vehicles float.
  • He can also summon black holes, usually very powerful ones, though, somehow, he is not affected by them.
  • As well as summoning black holes, he is capable of summoning blue suns, ranging from as small as the length of a car to larger than our own sun.
  • His least used ability is summoning Master Blasters, giant, dragon skull blasters that fire focused beams of dark magic. They are dark grey and outlined in glowing red. The number of eyes that each blaster possesses ranges from 2-6, and the same goes for the number of horns. Ones with 6 eyes and 6 horns are the largest, while the ones with 2 horns and 2 eyes are the smallest, only slightly bigger than Sans' gaster blasters.
  • His most infamous ability is the ability to change an object's chemical structure, completely tampering with physics. Examples: He can turn copper into an insulator, make noble gases highly unstable, or even make almost anything flammable.
  • One would be foolish to think Specton would be the only highly smart Sins member. Orion has very vast knowledge of chemicals and the elements. He also has wide knowledge of physics and how to corrupt them.
  • He is resistant to reality warping as well as mind control, curses, etc.
  • Once he killed the demon Archlord Aevus, Orion stripped him of some of his power, gaining the ability to erase beings from existence, regardless of their own rules. He is also immune to being erased, so the only way to get rid of him is to kill him.
  • He can choose to ignore or not to ignore attacks and physics of his opponent. For example, he can ignore the hyper goner's immense strength, and remain unharmed by it.


  • He believes he is stronger than his enemies and always underestimtes them, however, it is very rare for him to be wrong.
  • He is also incredibly weak to light and holy weapons (though his armor protects him from holy weapons).
  • He is slightly untrustworthy, as he has betrayed some of his allies before.
  • His helmet and shoulder pieces restrict his vision slightly, so he does have blindspots.
  • He has sensitive pressure-points, but his armor protects them.
  • While he's almost entirely covered in nigh-indestructible and protective armor, his eyes are left wide open to attack.
  • He's very deadly at close range, but it is easy to attack him from a distance.
  • He refuses to harm children (Unless they annoy him or make him mad)
  • Once he dies, it is very unlikely he will return. If he does, he won't be stronger than he was before. Though he will occasionally, it is a very small chance.


Sins of 12

Sometimes he shows compassion towards his team, but most of the time he's shouting at them and giving them orders.


When Infernox was a part pf the Sins of 12, Orion greatly admired his ways and was almost a friend to him. However, once Infernox turned on them, he began to hate him more than any other being.


Ares is Orion's arch nemesis. Orion overthrew Ares and stole his place, forcing the demon lord down a rank. The two's animosity for each other began in high school, when Ares bumped into Orion and a fight broke out (Orion was winning, but a teacher separated the two). He always tries to humiliate Ares whenever they confront with their teams.

Bill Keeper

Orion usually mocks Bill. The two haven't confronted each other before, but Orion knows him well due to his subordinates constantly coming back to him and telling him about Bill.


Orion is disgusted by Fresh as he's basically a parasite. Orion is not immune to Fresh's infection, but he has quite a bit of resistance to it. Nevertheless, he still steers clear of Fresh.


  • His name is a slight reference to the demon marquis Orias from popular demonology culture.
  • He may be named Orion, his beast form may be a hydra, and he may be part Greek, but he is NOT linked to "canon" Greek Mythology. His name didn't even derive from Orion the Hunter.
  • He is still greatly feared, but he isn't as feared as Terracus for some reason.
  • As well as refusing to harm children, he also refuses to harm pets.
  • There could be clues that Orion really does have a soul. Sometimes it is seen that he shows sympathy.
  • His entity form has never been seen by anyone.
  • Occasionally, Orion would run into battle on a shadowy, armored stallion. He did this many times during his attacks on medieval castles back in the mid 1200's, but this style of sieging has seemed to have disappeared now.
  • He has insectophobia
  • His last name means "destruction" in latin.


Orion Sans Concept Art

Concept art of Orion's Sans form (cringe much)

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