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​"Would you please die, your existance is irritating'



One comes from The Final Tale, a Retcond AU that was blocked by Samuel and thrown away by her creator. One is a all powerfull being, stronger than anyone and anything, but inside her own AU, she can be killed. One has no emotion and lives to eradicate all. Samuel once tried to reason with her, but she loaths all other things besides herself, and attacked him. He barely escaped and blocks that day from his mind and locked the AU off from the rest.


  • She wears a black trench coat with dull grey trim, large metal latches hold the coat together.
  • Banages cover her whole body, except her eyes and mouth, she has strands of white and brown hair hanging out of the bandages
  • A large, dried bloody 1 is drawn on her facial bandages
  • She wears heavy black millitary boots and has golden eyes
  • Without her bandages, she is a beautiful 19 year old girl with brown and off-white hair.


  • She can summon a broadsword that turns flesh and bone to ash,
  • Useing a blood ritual, she can attack with projectiles and tendrils of blood which are self aware and can attack without her having to control them
  • She has power over Eradication Magic (Dark purple in color) it can destroy things on the sub atomic level and turn them to ash.
  • She can teleport faster than Undertale Sans 
  • Can stop a full power Hyper Goner blast by standing in it
  • Retcons have no effect on her (Code altering doesn't work either)
  • She can sense being watched
  • Can move thru AU (Out-Code Charecter)
  • Can only be killed in her home AU


  • In an alternate reality, Samuel and One are in a relationship
  • One cant understand sexual ideas
  • One's favorite food is apples
  • She is not the only one left in her AU
  • Gave the DT Singularity to a mysterious man. Unknown what it was used for



One doesn't mind Showcard and are great friends with each other. However, One can confuse Showcard in many ways


One doesn't really like Castellar but is tolerated around him. One and Castellar often have conversations about many things she doesn't understand

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