The Omega Timeline is timeline that works like a meeting room for all other timelines. No one knows of its existence or how it gets there, unless they are told by CORE!Frisk.


The Omega Timeline is by default an infinite white blank space, however there is a special phenomena natural to this timeline that allows the environment adapt itself to the brought in objects. That means that if you “planted” several dozens of trees here the surrounding environment would soon become a full grown forest with earthy ground and appropriate biome. If you build a bunch of houses they will soon be surrounded with grass and flowers. That’s how this whole place has been able to become the way it is now! However, the sky will inevitably always be blank white without any moon or sun, and thus without the day-night cycle. Recently, the local scientists were able to develop special weather satellite machines hovering high above the ground that create blue clouds able to rain or snow, making a gust of wind every time they fly over above. It was a revolutionary invention to mimic weather and make the blankness less potentially maddening. All information put here was gotten from here, the creator


The timeline was created by "CORE!Frisk", who was pushed into the CORE for resetting a happy ending.



  • Despite being a place mainly for survivors of a Genocide Route, other AU Frisks can be found there as well.

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