"You are bout to win life kid, cause the only way to win is to die!"

Oliver Spots (A.K.A Iron claws) is a


He is very rude, to humans and Monsters. He is smart and quick to act, saying he is part of the royal guard. And he is tough. He is loyal to Undyne and would die for her. He hates humans, and wish he could wipe all of them out.


He is a dog, and can speak normally and he is seventeen. He wears a ski mask, and a a red long sleeved shirt with jeans, he wears armor, along with the rest of the canine unit sometimes. His eyes are brown, and he is white, with the exception of the black spot around his right eye. His claws are literally made of iron, because he lost them from a human.



You will see him near a echo flower in waterfall, whispering something into it. Oliver is saying, "The humans.. wrecked my dad... Made my mom go insane..... And made my sister die.. It's time for some payback," He turns to the player. You go into battle. He shoots arrows, that are on fire at you. He doesn't allow the player to pet him. Unlike the other dogs, he does no dog related attacks. The only way the to spare him is to say sorry. When you say that he will take off his ski mask. He reveals a giant scar on his nose. "Heh...that's what they always say... HAH! You have a cruel sense of humor kid..." His attacks become weaker. Once you say sorry again, his attacks stop, but the fight goes on. "Do you think this is funny to you... Heh, I know somebody wants to take control.... But... You won't let them..." He says talking about Chara. "You showed me something...Thanks kid...." You are out of battle. He smiles, "Don't tell Undyne I spared you, She will get pissed K?" He then walks away. You see him again when Flowey takes the souls, and captures your friends. You see him lastly at the credits, when he is on a cooking show, Mettatons cooking show.


You see him in hotland after you kill Undyne the Undying. He confronts you. "Undyne... You killed her.... You are strong, but to be honest here strength is nothing with out A SOUL!" When you go into battle his attacks are stronger and faster. When you kill him. "Hah!" He laughs so weakly as he is melting. "I know there is a person.. who is trying to stop you... Someone who has no soul.. but has good in them.. If that person is still in there STAY DETERMINED!" He then turns to dust. If you take his ski mask, which is the only thing left it says "You hear the screams of your victims in your head, making you go insane." You then hear Chara's voice, "Stop this..."

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