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I decided to re-make the OfficeTale wiki! A while ago, I deleted it for plot reasons. But here's how I'm gonna do it this time: as the story progresses, I'll add more to this wiki, so I don't have to worry about spoiling my plans.

Main Characters

Perseverance SOUL (name currently unknown) - The Protagonist
Weenie_Butt and Flowey - The Empty Ones
Red - The Caretaker
Adam - The Judge
Max - The Ambitious
Salbey - The Accidental God
Undyne - The Captain of the Guard
Papyrus - 9-year-old child
Sans - 10-year-old child
Gaster - The Royal Scientist
Alphys - Gaster's Assistant
Barney - The Monarch
Ross - The Souless Angel
Asriel - The Fallen