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Oceantale is an AU of Undertale. Unlike the original game, the game takes place underwater. The creator already has a demo up on GameJolt.



The author observes the canon and painted two versions of clothes: Overalls with a jacket, a scarf and a cap for a boy and a white dress for girls.


In this version, he wears a red tunic with gold pattern on the back and a red three-cornered hat, black trousers with a belt and boots. He has broken skull and instead of feet, he has a rapier blade.


Like his brother, Sans is uniform and cocked hat, but blue. He has a bandage on his left eye. The lower part of his skull broken in the form of the soul.


Alphys remains the same, but her race has changed. If in the normal game.


Similar to Alphys, only Undyne's race has changed. She is a mermaid, which is dressed in a coral or plain black bra. It also wears a plain white shirt.


Mettaton has changed the color of the screen - with Yellow-Orange to Blue. EX Mettaton dressed in a suit with shoulder pads and a cloak. NEO version has a similar suit, but with a torn cloak and a different color.

Gaster Blaster

It looks like the skull of an ancient marine reptile with the crossed human hand. Perhaps, as in the original, it is a weapon of Sans.  


Changes in the appearance of minor Grillby now the color of his fiery body is blue. He wears a white suit, dark blue shirt and blue tie and glasses instead of his monocle.



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