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Translated using google translate (and now edited), it's the best I can do - LunaDeaminac Overtale - this fan game has been in development since November 2015, and was created by Adam Chapman along with his hard-working team consisting of ~50 people. Overtale carries over a variety of functions from Undertale- including a branching narrative, and a bullet-hell-style battle system with options to ACT, FIGHT, etcetera- as well as many new mechanics and original characters. Not following in the footsteps of Undertale's 2D graphical style, Overtale will make use of simple but clean 3D-graphics, inspired by games such as "Journey" and "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker".


Overtale follows an original time-line, loosely inspired by the Dreemurr-Reborn webcomic, in which Frisk sacrifices theirself to give Asriel a second chance at life with their soul. 15 years after the events of Undertale, the tentative peace between humans and monsters is threatened by a sudden epidemic of monsters attacks. In an attempt to keep the peace between the two races, Asriel (now the human-monster ambassador) joins Lucas Howard, Sierra and Tony Roman on a quest to find the root of the problem. However, throughout the companions' journey, it quickly becomes apparent that the situation they're getting themselves into might be more complicated than anyone had imagined.

Differences from Undertale

  • New story: Completely original non-canon narrative.
  • New characters: Meet new friends and enemies!
  • The new engine: Using the myriad features Unity 5, Overtale will take Undertale's format in directions never before possible (like along the z-axis).
  • The new mechanics: Use your skills as you see necessary - sacrifice your very life essence to help others, or carve a bloody swathe through humans and monsters alike.
  • New battles: A 3D take on the original battle system with new attacks, evasion and soul mechanics.
  • New soundtrack: Featuring both orchestral remixes of the Undertale soundtrack and original compositions from some of the community's greatest musical talents.


  1. Overtale OST 002 - Menu Theme (Демо)
  2. Overtale OST 005a - Sunblushed Meadows (Солнечно)
  3. Overtale OST 006a - Enemy Approaching (Версия A)
  4. Overtale OST 006b - Enemy Approaching (Версия B)
  5. Overtale OST 006c - Enemy Approaching (Версия C)
  6. Overtale OST 007 - Enigma
  7. Overtale OST 008 - Crossroads
  8. Overtale OST 009 - Paradisium
  9. Overtale OST 010 - Entwined Spirits
  10. Overtale OST 014 - Upon Adversity
  11. Overtale OST 018 - Missing Essence
  12. Overtale OST 022 - A Culinary Legend
  13. Overtale OST 023 - Heartache
  14. Overtale OST 024a - A Father Before a King
  15. Overtale OST 025 - Anomalous Data
  16. Overtale OST 029a - Adventes (Солнечно)
  17. Overtale OST 029b - Adventes (Лунно)
  18. Overtale OST 030a - His Theme
  19. Overtale OST 031a - Soup
  20. Overtale OST 033a - Wrench in the Works
  21. Overtale OST 039 - Golden Heights
  22. Overtale OST 044 - Generally Unpleasant Experiences


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