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OPTale (Overpoweredtale) Is an AU where not only have the characters been altered, but the timeline is forever stuck in the hardmode setting. After the human named themselves "frisk" in the menu, the game couldn't quite handle it, and sent the human into a completely new timeline. The game hadn't quite adapted to the name "frisk" being used by users, so it instead it renamed the fallen human entirely. Fritz, the newly named human, journeys through the underground to find all the characters have turned somewhat human, and all have different names. However, since the game is set to hardmode permenantly, every character has become considerably more overpowered, hence the name OPTale.


Major characters

Asgore is replaced by Ethan.

Toriel is replaced by Shelby.

Sans is replaced by Neil.

Papyrus is replaced by Ash.

Undyne is replaced by Kyle.

Alphys is replaced by Dawn.

Nabstablook is replaced by NabstabOP.

Mettaton is replaced by Megaton.

Flowey is replaced by Weedy.

Asriel is replaced by Jordan.

Minor characters

Tem Shop temmie is replaced by Bartender temmie.

Froggit is replaced by Frogger.