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Warning! This AU ISN'T mine! I'm just a (proud) contributor of it.


OCtale is an AU created by a Brazilian called Beatriz Helena (byehelena), everyone (that can understand portuguese) can contribute to it. It consists in characters that cosplay/are inspired on Undertale characters, buttons, items, whatever. It has a Facebook group. 

The beginning

Beatriz Helena drew her OC, called Yamada cosplaying as Sans, she made a challenge to people do their OC's cosplaying as Undertale characters. But then, she decided to change her mind and she made the AU OCtale. But the Facebook group started at early May.  

Main changes

  • Characters, buttons, items, etc. are now OC's.
  • There are also some characters that are exclusive to this universe. They are called "extras" and they must have a relation with an OC that represents something.
  • The characters doesn't need to act like the originals. There is a Roleplaying group that allows people use their characters for roleplaying. The roleplays are called "scenes",and they can be Open, Semi-Open or Closed.

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