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This AU has no further presence online than this page.

"You fall into the underground once more. You're stranger than you once were. A bunch of flowers are presented in your hand. Something seems different."

OC!Tale is an AU where several OC's collide into one. The project will never be created by said creator but it shall exist in the AU wiki's still an AU. Similar to Underswap or Storyshift, certain characters have certain roles mainly the OC characters.


Mae = Sans

Scora = Sister of Disbelief Papyrus and Mae ( mostly tries to capture a human )

Disbelief Papyrus = Papyrus

Poppy The Flower = Flowey

Flora!Frisk = Frisk

CORE!Frisk = Chara

Create!Sans = Mettaton

Destroyertale Sans = Alphys

Ultimate Temmie = Asriel Dreemurr ( despite Poppy the flower being the final boss )

S.T = W.D.Gaster

ERROR!Muffet = Grillby

Handplates!Gaster = Toriel

Ink!Fell!Undyne = Undyne

Createsans = Asgore

Mint The Bat = ( separate enemy )


Genocide Route

To start the true genocide route, you'll have to kill Poppy The Flower similar to Underfell. There are 3 types of Genocide's: The first is True Genocide, where you kill Poppy in the beginning. The next is Betrayal Genocide where you spare Poppy but fight her at the end as Omega Poppy. Finally, there's Sensed Genocide where you meet Scora and Mae. Then in the next room, you need to kill at least 16 enemies. After that, you will meet Disbelief Papyrus who will sense your true evil. This will set start your Sensed Genocide route.

Many changes are apparent in True Genocide, for example, you are presented with an extremely tough battle with Createsans refusing to let her and her final kind die. Also, ERROR!Muffet will have her own fight when you enter Error's. Betrayal Genocide involves you fighting Omega Flowey at the end. Finally, in the Sensed Genocide, you don't fight Disbelief Papyrus until after you've completed Comic Forest. Instead, you fight him in the ( place holder name ) Judge Hall.

Pacifist Route

In the Pacifist Route, InkFell!Undyne, Scora and S.T dislike the fact you're being so nice to everyone so they upgrade their fights to an infuriating status. The final boss is S.T using new soul colors, such as the dark green soul, and new fighting techniques in general, such as 1/2 of the fighting area. The second Pacifist Route is known as The Real Final. After, Createsans made her speech, she should refuse to fight you for you've saved creation she started. It will soon pane out as normal, everyone has there celebratory pow-wow, Poppy will come along attempting to kill Flora!Frisk one million times, everyone will save them and Ultimate Temmie ( asriel dreemurr ) will have their fight. Same as usual.

Neutral Route

Similar to the Genocide routes, there are 2 neutral routes. One being the Secret Torture route where you've spared everyone but secretively, Handplates!Gaster has been torturing them with tests and crap. Attempting to save your friends, you fight HP!Gaster at the end. The second is The Lucky route. This is when you don't do any Genocide routes yet kill everything that comes in your way. The final boss is CORE!Frisk or Chara as you're trying to kill the true evil inside of you. If said event is completed, part of you shall actually perish to eternal death, this being the only route where you can do a true reset not permanently hurting you.


The project will never be created for no image is presented

The only way to permanently hurt yourself throughout every route in the future after doing said Lucky Route is to complete all routes and then do The Lucky Route at the end. Soon, a secret button will appear, saying Continue in Reset State.

Mae, Scora, Create and Destroyertale Sans were all made by Createsans Mint The Bat was made by UndertaleTrash3

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