Not necessarily a skeleton, but also not necessarily not a skeleton. Nymphette is a &&$&-6++ "#43%. As the older sister of 642π€R, she taught him to use magic.



She wears a long black cloak with shoulder pads that are purple. The robe parts in the middle and conceals her form completely. She has two stripes on either side, going up to her collar. the stripes are purple. There is a pattern of painted lines on her eyes. The left one goes up, the right one goes down. The left eye also is either bright purple or red all the time. She wears no shoes, and her feet seem to always be on point, but the ankles flow smoothly into the bone/body material above. She also wears a tattered friendship bracelet over one wrist. Her hands are smooth and have holes in them. She cut the to give to her brother for his experiments. Despite her one glowing eye, she is completely blind.

She also may or may not have once had a tail.

In her genocide battles, her robe is billowing off to the left, partially showing what she wears underneath. Underneath are gray pants with a light purple belt, and a dark purple flannel shirt, untucked. She seems to be floating, and her purple eye is glowing. 


Nymphette likes being mysterious and often tries to hide. She is naturally quiet and stares off into space when talking, as she can't see who she is talking to (or where they are). Nymphette shows signs of depression, but always has a serene smile plastered on her face.

Nymphette is skilled in magic and often has spectral hands floating around her to sense and feel where she is. Nymphette has a soft voice and doesn't talk much, but her eye often glows the color of her emotions. It is usually red or purple.


Nymphette is a very powerful magic user. She can summon a dragon blaster, and she can control and change souls.

Nymphette has an incredibly damaged, but powerful soul, and she can usually (barely) keep it together. Sometimes she just lets go, dissolving into a ghostly form, and using magic to carry her dust around.



Since Nymphette was voided a long time ago, she doesn't know many of the current people in the Underground.

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