In this Au ink has left an AU with nothing in it. ink tale Sans gave frisk the power to create[item] destroy [fight] edit [act] and Finnish [mercy]. In this AU frisk does not have a soul of determination but has a soul of Imagination which is stronger than determination. (IN THIS AU IMAGINATION IS STRONGER BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS AU BUT THE UNDERGROUND IS CREATED THE SURFACE DOES NOT EXIST AND NOTHING MATERS.) all the monsters lost hope in ink sans except sans and papyrus. all the monsters in the underground want frisk soul so they have power over every one and control everything. the monsters are weird looking and messy looking. the monsters can also be turning to dust then turning back into themselves for example thats what the frogets do.

more info will come soon created by me kyknight want to help? contact me at or leave a comment down bellow

Genocide and Pacifist route.

in Nothing!tale genocide is achieved when the player destroys everything. When a player destroys all the monster in the room. The room turns in to nothing but a black and empty room. eventually when the player gets to the judgement hall, not only they fight Sans but they also have to fight Ink sans after they fight the normal Sans who only attacks through bones and his karmic retribution since gaster blasters dont exists yet.

In the pacifist rout, you have to make all the monsters who they are in the game and flowey does not like this because he like seeing all the monsters in sorrow and no hope. at the end of the game when ink returns to come and Finnish what he started, flowey tricks Ink into doing something that made ink lose his powers and give it to flowey which is basically the omega flowey fight but way harder and more colorful . then the player has to get inks power back and save the world. Error come for the Au and tries to destroy it and the player and ink have to stop error and this will act as the Asriel Dremmur fight for this timeline

Helpers or Artists

i currently need help with art work to post on this page and i also need help with sprites for the game if you want to help then contact me my email is above or leave a comment down below


Comic dub creators-

Plot/story- Me kyknight

sprites-(can be multiple people) sprites are as flowed

other monsters-







Ink Sans-


Ink Omega Flowey-


Alphas -

@$&%##@$^*--> (no one can do cause not know yet)

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