Yep, I am within this AU as a character, it sorta had to happen due to nightmare being in, our fates our tied together

Noah S, one of the humans who survived the mass invasion of xenomorphs though use of his magic, he has come to Mt Ebott to stop nightmare at any cost


Noah like nightmare is able to jump through AU's swiftly, Noah also tends to use twin guns he forms through his justice soul, sometimes upgrading to use Gaster blasters, like Sans noah will not just take a hit and will dodge and unlike sans, while still Lazy, far from as much as the lazybones sans is. Noah can also warp reality if needed but tends to keep it to a minimum, Noah also has the Majority of nightmare's power he can use but rarely will as if not careful then the power can and will corrupt noah, driving him to the brink of insanity and at that point, nothing would be able to stop him

Despite being a justice soul, Noah can use determination to evade death as a ghost, who with enough focus can come back from death, this is only possible due to Noah knowing exactly what happens if he falls


Nightmare - despised enemy, has haunted him for over half his life, tormenting him

Sans - Noah tends to be friendly to Sans, depending on the version

Papyrus - same as Sans, getting along with the majority

Asgore - friend to a degree, slight grudge against him for killing humans, but understands why he did

Toriel - majority of the time gets along with

Alphys - gets along with well

Undyne - tend to be fine together

Mettaton - would prefer to smash it to pieces

Flowey - to a degree dislikes, understands flowey is asriel and that he is unable to feel anything

Chara - friends to a degree, tries to reform Chara in majority of AU's and understands Chara's Hate for humanity has justification

the other xenomorphs - KILL THEM WITH FIRE

If it wasn't clear, yeah this is the real me being put in, with some extra elements such as the magic, i'll just go ahead to clear up that nightmare is indeed a real entity within my mind i have to deal with

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