Nightmaretale is an AU By Yummypig2.0.

This AU takes place inside Frisk's head.

Everyone except Frisk Are demonic horrifying killers.


Design: He has Papyrus' normal head but his eyes and nose are similar to Chara's jumpscare eyes. His scarf is very thorny and messy, his whole battle body is a large sharp toothed face, the 'battle body' also doesn't have an emblem; he has very skinny tall and spiky tooth, the piece of armor he has on his waist has spikes on top, his boots also have spikes on top, otherwise he'd look normal.

Personallity: He's evil but can be reasoned with, he's very determined to get what he wants.

Powers: Has all of Papyrus' usual abilities but can also teleport, walk through walls, Has telekinesis and he can Shape-shift.

Please do not put any creepypastas here. This is not a page for creepypastas.

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