Nightmare's Magic is a sort of counterpart to the chemical N though with major differences, as one is a force for good and the other is for chaotic evil

the properties of Nightmare's magic are varied depending on how nightmare uses it, though it is far more stable than the Chemical N, there is a side effect of using it if your not nightmare, due to the magic being created by nightmare and being a force for chaos, using it will slowly corrupt you, similar to the locked power nightmare craves to have back contained by Noah

Using it is simple, you warp reality to form it into something to fit your needs, it in this part is virtually the same as Chemical N (and jeez i wrote a lot there) expect with the difference as it corrupts you, turning you to a path of darkness (is it funny two of my names are Kingofdarkness13 and Theshadowguardian13 yet i am a force for good)

obtaining it is simple, align yourself with nightmare either directly or indirectly, you can directly offer him your aid but if you have no special power or something that would provide him an advantage (such as a grudge noah has on you, yes i have grudges on two people, they will be introduced in this AU later) otherwise he will kill you, and since you basically just betrayed everything good, your death will be very...unpleasant...I'm not saying as well....let's keep this PG 13 ok........and if i'm saying that, i think you can figure it out yourself

you could also indirectly align with him, he tends to have some form of a cult after all, he is some god-like figure (i'm using the term god-like loosely, its more that these people are just insane) they worship him and try to cause chaos, he does not normally directly interact with them as when he started giving them some magic to aid them....he got disturbed by what they can and have done, and when nightmare is disturbed, you know its bad

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