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Nightmare is an entity of pure fear, while its species is listed as xenomorph, that is simply because that is the original version of him, still he tends to prefer the xenomorph form, as noah has a fear of xenomorphs. (picture will come)

Nightmare, a bane to everything good, the only real threats to him are souls of determination, Bravery, or justice or well anyone with KR, however nightmare is a highly skilled warrior, despite being only around 8 years old he is incredibly intelligent and not to be underestimated under any circumstances

Within undertale AU's, nightmare tends to reside within versions of the Xenotale AU (xenotale, xenofell, xenoswap) though those last two don't actually exist expect in concept, nightmare is able to swiftly hop from AU to AU with little fear as very few creatures within the multiverse can threaten him

As for nightmare's soul, he doesn't have one, in any case that he would have one it would be either fear or of pure hate if your curious, even against determined souls nightmare can manipulate space and time preventing you from saving or reloading or reseting

for his abilities, he's to a degree as strong as you let him be, he can gain more power based upon the amount of fear in a AU, for instance if he's in a AU that has a lot of fear about it such as Axetale then his power would be far more dangerous, against a soul of bravery their bravery can weaken nightmare but even without fear he still has some base power and due to his speed, teleportation, and intelligence your not going to have a very good time, if your not careful then he can eventually figure out what you fear and shift his strategy to match it in order to gain more power. Even God like beings are not much of a threat to him, due to being soulless he will kill anyone if he feels like it, the only reason you'll live if your in that position is that he decided to let you live for a future gain to increase his power or you decide to join him (he consumes your soul if you do this, corrupting you and you can never go back) otherwise, your probably dead already

well he probably sounds OP right, well remember his power largely depends on the amount of fear present, within the xenotale AU, the soul of bravery gives everyone courage to keep going, limiting the power nightmare has and binding him to the True Lab, unless you go down there he can't do much, he can still reach you within your dreams where he has extra power, if you cannot realize your dreaming, you are his toy to play with until he lets you go, IF he lets you go. eliminating all fear within an AU would greatly weaken him and anyone with KR or a sense of bravery will likely be able to finish him off, this situation is fairly hard to reach though

Despite his Lv being 20, thats only because thats the limit, he has killed billions of lives throughout countless encounters trying to claim Noah's Soul, he now has come to undertale AU's to look for a different solution to his problem, being that the power he actually has is only about 0.01% of what he's truly able to do, if he is to claim Noah's Soul, there is no stopping him as Noah's soul is what guards that power

Relations (within Xenotale)

Sans - hate each other

Papyrus - hates him, torments him in his dreams to annoy sans

Toriel - hates her, haunts her in her dreams to annoy sans

Frisk - hates them, due to their determined soul, nightmare is unable to touch them, for now

Alphys - hates her, wants to stop her research to stop xenomorphs

Undyne - despises her because of her undying form, which would result in a very long fight he'd get bored of quick

Asgore - hates him, torments him through his guilt of killing the human children

The Human Souls - hates them all, but especially the souls of bravery and Justice

Mettaton - annoyed by him, could and will kill him if he could

Flowey - wants to rip them apart, flowey is aware of nightmare

Chara - hates chara, despite both being genocidal killers

anyone else - HATE HATE HATE

And since he's soulless, its not like he can care, well he can but doesn't bother to, there is a alternate version of him that is opposite of him, nightmare consumed him to stop his attempts, attempts have been made to give nightmare a girlfriend, all attempts have failed with the girlfriends being killed in violent ways, he relishes in your misery

He can control Space and time, allowing to pull off tricks such as shutting down the use of magic, shifting coordinates to ruin teleportation, turning people against each other by convincing them they are in a world of their fears

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