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NightTale is another Horror AU, everyone became hungry since their Technology wasn't good to make food so they scavenge and look for food at nighttime so they won't be seen.



their a monster carer who give food to them every 3 days it was against the law so frisk tried to do is secretly but was found by the Police and was pushed down for punishment.


he is bigger and huger than before and is never happy, quote "HEHEHE I WILL PLAY A GAME WITH YOU LETES SEE TAG I WILL BE IT YOU BETTER START RUNNING"


shes one of the only people that knows how to cook but she has low resources and saysshe needs more flavor and tries to chop off one of your arms off.


hes still the lazy and punny guy (cannibal jokes) we know but keeps on watching frisk never harming then until theirs no around around then he would jump frisks face and eat frisk like a dog.


he knows how to cook and everyone loves it but he has low resources so he has to try something new and that thing is frisk.


shes a real predator always on the watch for monsters and humans and is a loner so she can get more food after she catches something.

Alphys (deceased)

Catty and Bratty ate her.


hes still alive and tries to make food atoms then get enough to get food for everyone and doesn't care about you being around.

Asgore (deceased)

Toriel killed Asgore in starvation and used is dust to pie.