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NextTale takes place about a year after the completion of the true pacifist run. It will introduce several new characters as well as check in on old ones. In this timeline, Frisk lives with Toriel in a villiage made up mostly of the monsters.

New Characters

Cyber- (Full name Cyberdyne-10212) is the only character on this list who is neither a monster or a human. Cyber is a android built by Alphys who is powered by an artifical soul made completely of determination. What makes Cyber different from a normal robot is that his soul provides him with emotions. he is friends with frisk and Lance. He considers Undyne and Alphys his family

Lance- Lance is a human child with a suprising aptitude towards combat magic. He met Undyne in a similar way to which Undyne met Asgore. "FIGHT ME!" He lost, but ended up becoming Undyne's apprentice.

DemiCat- A Black, humanoid cat monster and nephew of Catty, DemiCat is the worlds only servant of Ebil, convinced he is working for flowey, despite the fact Asriel is back and flowey is no more. He once stole the six souls and turned into the "God of EBIL" but wasted it on creating a new flowey, seperate from Asriel. This Flowey, ironicly, finds Demicat annoying and avoids him at all cost.

Emmi- A little girl who is friends with Frisk. She lives in Tem-town, and is always wearing Temmie armor. She fights off Demicat from Tem-town almost daily.

Pupalex- The son of Dogamy and Dogaressa, he looks like a white puppy in a black hoodie. He dreams of joining the K9-2 unit with his parents.

CC- Refuses to say her real name to anyone. She is a human teenager with glasses. She loves to fight but only if she feels threatened will she attack. Her magic is based around combat with knife summoning. She has always admired Undyne even though Undyne. She usually is seen wandering in a dark cloak. Usually she can be seen training with knives and sometimes, enjoying life. Despite her dark nature she is actually quite kind. Her knives do not deal damage unless she wanted them to. So don't worry! :D Apprentice of Undyne that no one knows about,

Felix T.- After helping Papyrus locate the "Legendary Soul Crown", the young orphan Felix T. was infected by the curse of bone, a ancient monster curse that turns the victim into a skeleton, and also causes them to slowly melt because of the determination in all humans' souls. Alphys was able to create "Determination Supressor Pills" to keep him from melting, and now he resides with Sans and Papyrus as a honorary Skelebro.

Mr. Carters- Mr. Carter was Frisk's foster father before she went to the underground. He was highly abusive and tried to win Frisk back in a court battle in order to continue getting his government check. He lost to Toriel, and barely avoided jail time. Sans gave him one BAD TIME when he found out what Mr.Carter had done to Frisk

Original Crew

Asriel- Asriel is BACK! Alphys found a way to create a artifical soul out of pure determination (She tested this process on a certain robot) and used it to bring back Asriel

Frisk- Frisk is essentially the same as pacifist Frisk, minus a group of recuring nightmares about her friends dying. She lives with Toriel and Asriel.

Toriel- Toriel has had a difficult, but well worth it, year. She had to win the right to adopt frisk in a lengthy and expensive legal battle. She originally placed Frisk in a public school, but has pulled her out nad begun homeschooling her after Frisk was beat up by a Group of Jerks.

Papyrus- Other than no longer trying to become a royal Guard member, nothing has changed

Sans- May or may not have found the guys who beat up Frisk and gave them a Bad Time!

Asgore- He's currently missing. Apparently he didn't want to tell the humans he had killed six kids.

Alphys- Currently lives in New Lab with Cyber and Undyne. She has become the one of the most influental scientific minds on the planet

Undyne- Leads the K9-2 unit, which is the villiages equivalent to a police force.

Mettaton & Napstablook- Now that Mettaton is reunited with their cousin, she has convinced Alphys to build blook a body, similar to the one in UnderSwap, and the two started a band. They are extremley successful, almost past what Mettaton was in the underground.

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