The Neutral Timeline is a timeline run by Neutral!Chara and it is a place for unfinished AUs to stay if they have no home. You don't have to ask to stay in the Neutral Timeline if the AU you want to put into it is unfinished.


The Neutral Timeline is a corrupted timeline with nothing in it. Chara just happened to be walking around in it one day and decided to fix it up a bit and make a home. Frisk appeared a few days later, and together they created the Neutral Timeline. They found an echo flower appear one day, but they realized that this was actually Flowey.


The timeline is run by Neutral!Chara, although Neutral!Frisk acts as a vice president and a maid/housekeeper, Echo Flowey appeared one day, and GaryStu Sans and Dark Cosmos Sans are waiting for Suetale to be finished. Both Neutral!Chara and Neutral!Frisk have gray socks and black shoes. Neutral!Chara wears a green tank top and muddy blue overalls, along with a green visor. Neutral!Frisk wears a Game Grumps tee shirt and jeans. Neutral!Chara wears black eyeshadow and refuses to open his/her eyes,and Neutral!Frisk keeps their eyes close. How his/her eyes look open is unknown by everyone, even Neutral!Chara. They have peach skin and black hair. Neutral!Chara wears gray gloves while Neutral!Frisk wears white gloves.

Neutral!Chara Gender: Gender Neutral Age: Unknown LV: 1 EXP: 0 HP: 20 ATTACK: +5 DEFENSE: -5 Alignment: Neutral Good Place of birth: Unknown Place of death: N/A


Neutral!Chara is a laid back, calm person, with no interest in a boyfriend/girlfriend whatsoever, while Neutral!Frisk is the opposite. They wouldn't be friends if they had never been generated with shared souls.


CORE!Frisk Neutral!Frisk has had a crush on CORE!Frisk when they first talked. Unfortunately, CORE!Frisk doesn't know this and probably never will.

Error Sans Error Sans has wandered across the timeline once but went away because there was nothing there and hasn't bothered to come back.

Everyone living in the Neutral Timeline The owners are friends with everyone living there

Chisk They like to spy and play pranks on him/her, and yet, Chisk stll doesn't know who's behind all of it


*The idea is inspired off of the Omega Timeline

*The only way to get there is either if your AU isn't finished, a friend who's AU isn't finished brings you there, or if you have the Colorful Lipstick. You don't have to ask.

*Neutral!Frisk has nomaphobia, and Neutral!Chara thinks that is ridiculous.

*Neutral!Frisk and Neutral!Chara can leave the Neutral Timeline whenever they want, but the forcefield keeping out the harmful spells will shut off, so usually one of them stays behind.

*They prefer to be called Ultra (Neutral!Chara) and Delta (Neutral!Frisk).

*They are not good with dates, reunions, and meet-ups. They become clumsy and insecure at these times.

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