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Ne Plus Ultra is a WIP comic AU, created by Chinchouzia.

The AU is about a Error!Sans, named "Arete" in an adventure to discover who they truly are.

The major characters in this AU are:


"Arete" - A.K.A Error!Sans fused with NPU!Frisk, his human abilities allowing him to reset, save and load.

People living in "VOID"

Hye - A bouncy TV reporter who lost their memories.

Mys - A.K.A MysteryMan, The serious nerd who erased Hye's memories.

Mettablook - A swordsfighter only battling for a "dramatic effect" on Hye's show

Chara - A.K.A Storyshift Chara, Currently taller but still the same old lazy-punner.

Myosotis - A blue smug faced flower with an extremely familiar attitude...

People living in The War

Undertide!Flowey - The only survivor of his AU and a guide to the tribe of survivors of other AU dwellers who have not arrived in Void.

Lifetale!Papyrus - A person who is too kind to be true, and who helps out Reapertale!Toriel in her healing rituals.

Reapertale!Toriel - The healer of the survivors, and also their faithful cook. Still extremely kind and strict and calls everybody her "child"

There are nine others, but they are minor characters.

People living in Ne_Plus_Ultra

NPU!Sans - A.K.A Underswap Sans, The main and twisted antagonist of the game.

NPU!Frisk - A.K.A Aliza of Horrortale, Is the "puppet" of NPU!Sans.


  • This AU used to be called Errorswap, but now because of the author being nervous about copyright, it was changed.
  • "Ne Plus Ultra" means Perfection.
  • There is no disbelief, as it acts nothing like the original Undertale.
  • There are OCs.
  • Ironically, the creator of this AU despises Sans, but couldn't find a character.
  • This is an AU of an AU.
  • The creator refuses to add more info, as the fan-comic is still coming, and the plot is a surprise.