Cam is the Wikiatale version of Napstablook.



She is shy and quiet. She enjoys listening to her own music and singing. She has a pretty nice singing voice, opposing her quiet and slightly hoarse speaking voice. She has low self-esteem, and will only sing when she knows no one will hear her. She cries during her battle, showing depression, guilt or sorrow. She is courteous, and treats the protagonist as a guest in her home, even if they attack her. She apologizes for any inconveniences.


She has white skin and blonde hair. Her eyes are skeletal and her pupils are white. She has skeleton arms and legs and a human-like nose. Her hair is often down, and it reaches her middle back.

She wears a green hoodie with long floppy sleeves, dark green shorts and black sneakers. During her hangout, she is wearing green cat-ear headphones.


Cam in headphones

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