Reablook is the Wikiafell version of Napstablook. She is filled in by Create.



She is more strict and cold than her Wikiatale counterpart. She likes to kill people for EXP, listening to music and jeering at KZrockstars show. She has a temper, and if someone gets on her nerves, she needs physically restrained to keep from killing or at the very least seriously maiming them. She hates KZrockstar for abandoning her, and will taunt him on live TV via phone call.


She has white skin and dirty blonde hair. Her eyes are skeletal and her pupils are light red. She has skeleton arms and legs and a human-like nose. She hair is short and looking similar to a male's hair.

She wears a grey hoodie with long floppy sleeves, black shorts and red sneakers. During her hangout, she is wearing red cat-ear headphones.


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